Himawari Preschool enrollments for 2021-22 school year are open | 新年度募集開始!





ひまわり幼稚園 2021-22年 募集要項 2 pages



Himawari Preschool is now accepting applications for new preschoolers at our unique Japanese childhood immersion preschool for the 2021-22 school year!

The early childhood years are a special time of growing, where children can learn through play and natural social activities about themselves and the world of others around them.  Here at Himawari Preschool, we give children the opportunity to grow also as “citizens of the world”.  In our complete Japanese immersion environment, American kids can learn about socializing and playing with their new Japanese friends, as well as grow naturally in their vocabulary, cultural knowledge, and self-confidence.

Our teachers, professionals with teaching experience in both Japan and America, bring the Japanese perspective on learning to grow up here to the US, creating a wonderful blend of the best of both cultures.  Himawari kids not only get to enjoy all the main US holidays and festivities, but also those from Japan as well!  Also, our teachers bring art activities unique to Japanese culture direct to the classrooms, and using musical instruments bring the songs and games of Japan here to Michigan as well.  There is no other place from the east to the west coasts of America where a child can truly grow to know and love Japan such as here.

Himawari Registration flyer (English) 2 pages

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