Tuition & Fees | 諸費用

[Payment periods] The school year is divided into 6 billing periods that are approximately equal in length.
<納品金> 1年を6期に分けてのお支払い方法です。

Yearly Registration fee: $75

Expenses for each of the periods shown below are determined by the number of days/week your child attends our preschool:

Days per week | 期間

Yearly Tuition | 授業料Tuition per Trimester | 学期ごとに

3 days | 週3日間

$6480 ($1080 x 6)$2160 ($1080 x 2)

4 days | 週4日間

$8220 ($1370 x 6)$2740 ($1370 x 2)

5 days | 週5日間

$9750 ($1625 x 6)$3250 ($1625 x 2)
(Note:  Tuition rates may change during the school year) (授業料は年度中に変更される場合があります。)

PAYMENTS: we accept (in order of preference): personal or business check, check from credit card (see below), cash (in a marked envelope), and Zelle (see below).

  • If you want to use a credit card, you can try a service like Plastiq ( that will send us a check from your credit card, or a direct check from your credit card service is also ok.
  • If you use Chase bank, you can send funds direct from your account through Billpay Online, but make sure to put a memo with the invoice number and name of child
  • ZELLE: our Chase bank account can receive Zelle requests.
    • For email address to send to, please use

Check-writing calculator:  Please use this for help with writing out the check amount in English:
Write out a number for checks
2.To:の欄では、Currency かCheck Writingを選びます。

Miscellaneous: Some additional expenses include additional costs for events, such as field trips.
その他; 遠足など行事での別途徴収もあり。

Please note that we allow enrollment during the school year, and we offer pro-rated fees calculated from the day of your child’s first day at school (please inquire further).

Morning/After-care         <早朝/延長保育について>

早朝保育 7:45am.~9:00am.  Invoiced per use, every 2 weeks (click here for invoice schedule)
Morning care: 7:45am.~9:00am.  $10 per use   (see “早朝保育 / Concerning Before & After School Age Child Care”)

延長保育 3:00pm.~6:15pm.  Invoiced per use, every 2 weeks (click here for invoice schedule)
After-care: 3:00pm.~6:15pm.  $20 per use  (see “早朝保育 / Concerning Before & After School Age Child Care”)

Please contact us here, if you have any questions.     お問い合わせはこちらより受けております。