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敬老の日(Grand Parents Day)


We wrote and illustrated our letters, bought our stamps at the “Himawari Post Office”, and then walked 30 minutes to our post box, so we had a 1 hour round trip!
We bumped into the postal carrier and she showed us how to load our letters into her postal delivery truck. Back at Himawari Preschool, we enjoy playing postman together.


Enrolling at Himawari Preschool for 2023-24 | ひまわり幼稚園入園について

Welcome! Here is the information for registering with Himawari Preschool for the 2023-24 school year. Please note the following as of 9/25/2023:

Sora class 4, 5 day (ages 4-5): full (waiting list)
4-5才児 そら組4-5日クラス 定員を満たしております。

Hana class 3 day (ages 4-5):  still openings available
4-5才児 はな組3日クラス 募集中。

Niji class 4-5 day (ages 3-4):  full (waiting list)
3-4才児 にじ組4-5日クラス  定員を満たしております。

Kotori class 3 day (ages 3-4):  still openings available
3-4才児 ことり組3日クラス 募集中。

Himawari Registration flyer (English) 2 pages –> (click here to download)
ひまわり幼稚園 2023-24年 募集要項 2 pages –> (ここにクリック)

Application form | 入園願書 2 pages→ (click here | クリック)