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How dangerous is Covid-19 for my child at Himawari?

This is a difficult question that many parents are facing right now.  Is it safe to send my preschool child to Himawari Preschool?

As of today (August 11) I think the best answer is to compare Covid-19 to something similar we have had in past school years:  the Flu (Influenza).

Here is a link to the CDC website for Covid-19      For everyone tested in the US and having Covid, 1.6% were ages 0-4 and 5.9% were ages 5-17 (as of Aug 10).  Only 0.025% of infected children ages 0-4 (30 kids) and 0.037% of infected children ages 5-17 (43 kids) have died from Covid so far.  If we use March 10 as the beginning of the pandemic, then we’ve had 155 days, or 42.5% of a year:  so yearly deaths could be estimated at 71 deaths ages 0-4, and 101 deaths ages 5-17.

Here is a link to the CDC website for Influenza     The CDC thinks that there were 35.5 million cases of the Flu in the US in 2018-19.  Of these, 10.2% were ages 0-4 and 21.6% were ages 5-17.   0.8% of infected children ages 0-4 (266 kids) and 0.6% of infected children ages 5-17 (211 kids) died from the Flu.

Comparing the US rates of these 2 diseases, kids ages 0-4 are much more likely to get the Flu and have serious complications, as well as kids age 5-17.

Also, the general population positive rates for Covid-19 tests in over a 7-day average in Wayne (4.7% as of 8/9/20) and Oakland (4.6% as of 8/9/20) are both below 5%.  The statewide positivity rate is currently at 2.3%, and you can see an updated number at this link.  This is a good (low) rate and acceptable for opening school.

So preschool age kids 3-5 years old have more personal risk from the Flu than from Covid.  This should help us understand the risk of sending our kids to Himawari Preschool this year.

ひまわり幼稚園2020-21年 申し込み状況 – Himawari 2020-21 Enrollment Status

The current enrollment status (as of 8/11/2020)

Sora class 4, 5 day (ages 4-5):  full (waiting list)
4-5才児 そら組4-5日クラス 定員を満たしております。

Hana class 3 day (ages 4-5):  still openings available
4-5才児 はな組3日クラス 募集中

Niji class 4-5 day (ages 3-4): full (waiting list)
3-4才児 にじ組4-5日クラス 定員を満たしております。

Kotori class 3 day (ages 3-4):  still openings available
3-4才児 ことり組3日クラス 募集中。

おうちであ・そ・ぼ3月~6月!(Let’s play at home (March-June)

Here’s a listing of our Himawari Preschool ideas for things to do while we all stay at home. Keep watching for new updates until we come back to school in June!

Signs of Spring Search Cards: you can print these out and discover Spring around you together with your child!

Skipping Rope Challenge: something we do this time of year at Himawari Preschool with our 4-5 year olds… feel free to try them together

Dandelions! Some people think of them as weeds, but together with kids you can enjoy a sign of Spring together!

20 Seconds Handwashing Song

Here at Himawari Preschool, handwashing is an important part of daily routine. We teach 9 “stages” to handwashing, and use a Japanese song to time it so we can wash our hands longer than 20 seconds.


せっけんさんは いいにおい
[soap, you smell so nice]

おかしの におい
[smell like candy]

おはなの におい
[smell like flowers]

かあさんの かあさんの におい
[smell like, smell like Mama]

せっけんさんは かあさんよ
Hey soap… here’s Mama!]

ぶくぶく あぶく
[sudsy, sudsy bubbles]

かわいい あぶく
[pretty, pretty bubbles]

あぶくの あぶくの かあさん
[sudsy, foamy bubbles with Mama]