20 Seconds Handwashing Song

Here at Himawari Preschool, handwashing is an important part of daily routine. We teach 9 “stages” to handwashing, and use a Japanese song to time it so we can wash our hands longer than 20 seconds.


せっけんさんは いいにおい
[soap, you smell so nice]

おかしの におい
[smell like candy]

おはなの におい
[smell like flowers]

かあさんの かあさんの におい
[smell like, smell like Mama]

せっけんさんは かあさんよ
Hey soap… here’s Mama!]

ぶくぶく あぶく
[sudsy, sudsy bubbles]

かわいい あぶく
[pretty, pretty bubbles]

あぶくの あぶくの かあさん
[sudsy, foamy bubbles with Mama]