Himawari Reopened! (as of 6/10/2020)

Himawari Preschool has reopened for the final 6 weeks of the 2019-20 school year. We will be posting the new 2020-21 calendar year and tuition rates later this month. Thanks for your patience, and welcome back!

おうちであ・そ・ぼ3月~6月!(Let’s play at home (March-June)

幼稚園の遊びや生活をもとに、お家でできる、遊びのヒントを紹介しています。少しでもお役に立てればうれしいです。Here’s a listing of our Himawari Preschool ideas for things to do while we all stay at home. Keep watching for new updates until we come back to school in June! おうちであ・そ・ぼ No. 1 日本語 Let’s play at home No. 1 English おうちであ・そ・ぼ No. 2 日本語 Let’s play at home No. 2 English おうちであ・そ・ぼ No. […]


ゆりか先生とチェッチェッコリを踊ろう! Yurika-sensei is doing the Che Che Koli dance!

20 Seconds Handwashing Song

Here at Himawari Preschool, handwashing is an important part of daily routine. We teach 9 “stages” to handwashing, and use a Japanese song to time it so we can wash our hands longer than 20 seconds. 日本語で せっけんさんは いいにおい[soap, you smell so nice] おかしの におい[smell like candy] おはなの におい[smell like flowers] かあさんの かあさんの におい[smell like, smell like Mama] せっけんさんは かあさんよHey soap… […]